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When a disaster comes it comes uninvited and water damage is one of them. Even an overflowing bathtub or leaking washing machine can cause damage to the house. For a homeowner, the most devastating thing is coming home to a flooded house. Your furniture and carpets are the worst affected by water damage. Other things can be taken care of but Water damage carpet cannot be left for a long time because it can leave your home smelling mouldy and musty and if not dried quickly it can cause permanent damage. Homemade solutions and shop vacuums can help you with small damages but when it comes to your carpets even an inch of water may want you to replace your carpets. It is advisable to look for professionals who can help you with such emergency services.

Trust flood restoration, Perth can assist you with all your flood restoration needs. We offer professional services to restore your Water damage carpet by using only safe and effective products. By accessing the condition and determining the damage caused to your carpets our technicians can determine the best method to restore them. We recommend the best services by thoroughly inspecting the condition of your carpet and how wet they have been and what kind of water they have been exposed to.

Types of water-based on sources 

It is very important to know the source of the water to determine the best way to restore your carpets. Water damage carpet cleaning, Perth determines treatment plan according to what type of water your carpet has been exposed to. Below is the category of water as per its source-

Clean Water – leaked water pipe, sink overflow, bath overflow these fall under the clean water category.

Greywater- Toilet overflow, pump failure, malfunctioning of washing machine, etc., are classified under the greywater category. Greywater may contain chemical and harmful liquids which makes it more harmful than clean water.

Black Water- Floodwater, river water, ground surface water, or backflow of sewage falls under black water also known as category -3 water. Blackwater can cause serious health issues if not handled on time.

How can you Trust Flood Restoration to help you?

In case your house is exposed to flood water, it becomes extremely vital to take necessary measures to make sure that the damage is minimized as much as possible. Our technicians are proficient, skilled, and experienced and they can identify the category of water-based on which they make proper treatment plans as per your requirement.  We are available 24/7 to offer you the best services. Only the right kind of help from Water damage carpet cleaning, Perth can help you restore your carpets and rugs to maximum safety as much as possible.

Why chose Water damage carpet cleaning Perth services?

We are IICRC Certified professionals having two years of industry experience. We offer a detailed report by carefully examining the condition of your house. We deal with all kinds of damaged carpets caused by floods and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.  Hiring a good restoration service helps you avoid long-lasting consequences that flood damage can

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