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      In event of a sewage spill taking immediate and instant action is necessary. Any liquid coming in contact with the rugs and carpets in your house gets absorbed if not cleaned instantly. As a result, they leave a stain on the flooring and carpets. Spillage of dirty water from dishwashers, baths, showers, and washing machines can cause serious damage to carpets and flooring. If left untreated, mold can grow inside the carpets causing a host of health issues. Failure to treat floodwater may also have similar consequences and outbreaks of viral and bacterial diseases. So, such stains need to be cleaned with immediate professional assistance to avoid or minimize the damage. Call Trust Flood Restoration Perth on  0480090650 for 24/7 response. Our staff is licensed and certified to deliver sewage cleaning services to houses, private properties, warehouses, factories, manufacturing units, departmental stores, etc. Failure to treat the faulty drainage can result in flooring that develops swelling, carpets, and flooring get permanent stains and the furniture can get damaged on a permanent basis due to the spillage. If the affected area is not treated within 24 hours of a spill, it may result in serious outbreaks of bacteria, viruses, and mould, making living or working in the premises dangerous at best. Damaged carpets are difficult to treat after 24 hours of exposure contaminants.

      Benefits of Sewage Cleaning Perth

      1. Keeps clogs away – if you notice slow flushing or draining in your bathrooms and toilets it is a sure shot precursor of a clogged drainage system. But on the other hand, you call a sewage cleaning service in Perth right away, you are saved from the hassles of a clogged sewage in a few days.

      2. Protect your family’s health – bacteria and mould present in the sewage system let out a very bad odour and can have a serious impact on your family’s health. Professional sewage cleaning can keep your family away from these deadly viruses and bacteria.

      3. Save money – If you get your drains and sewage system cleaned periodically from professionals, then you are obviously protected from incurring higher charges in the future for bigger damages.

      4. Prevent pipe bursts – A clogged drain can cause pipes in your house to burst out of pressure. Professional sewage cleaning is the ideal solution for your plumbing problems and protecting the pipes. Book your appointment with Trust Flood Restoration Perth for a comprehensive line of treatment with advanced suctioning tools, drying equipment used for every project.

      Services We Offer

      • Water Damage
      • Flood Restoration
      • Wet Carpet
      • Dry Carpet
      • Water Extraction
      • Wet carpet drying
      • Water Damaged Carpet
      • Flood Restoration
      • Dry Water Damage Carpet
      • Sewerage Clean-up

      Grey Water Leak Clean Ups

      Our cutting-edge technology enables our technicians to handle grey water spills with ease. All of our technicians have training in handling these kinds of spills while following strict safety standards to eliminate any chances of spread of pathogenic diseases and bacteria associated with greywater and sewage spills

      Mould Damage Perth

      Moulds grow in doors, windows, bathtubs, sinks, leaky pipes, and in basements. They are capable to spread diseases in people occupying such spaces. The team at Trust Flood Restoration Perth are experienced in protecting client properties in and around Perth.

      Water Damage Restoration Perth

      If your residential or commercial property needs cleaning up after a flood, broken pipes, or water escaping from faulty plumbing our technicians are also available for such emergencies. Contact Trust Flood Restoration Perth to get reliable water damage restoration services without much delay.

      Contact Trust Flood Restoration Perth

      We completely understand the urgency of cleaning the carpets and riding them of contaminants when it comes into contact with sewage spills. Hence, we deploy a team of emergency cleaning experts when we get a call from our customers in Perth for sewage cleaning. Call Trust Flood Restoration Perth on  0480090650 and decrease your expenses and the possibility of mould in your carpet. Our water clean-up experts will advise you how the flooring can be restored in the most effective ways and ways to maintain it in a good condition in the long run.

      Why Choose Trust Flood Restoration Perth

      • The technicians at Trust Flood Restoration are equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning and vacuuming equipment that thoroughly cleans all the germs and moisture from drainages, carpets and rugs.
      • Each technician is also trained and skilled in the application of advanced technologies to treat drainages and sewage systems.
      • Our technicians are licensed and insured. Their experience in the industry is unparalleled.
      • Trust Flood Restoration Perth is always available to provide emergency plumbing and draining services to their customers all-round the week. We do not charge any extra money for our services.
      • Our customers are assured 100% satisfaction due to our skilled and hard-working team of technicians and cleaners.


      1. Does Trust Flood Restoration handle residential or commercial sewage damage?

      Sewage damage can happen at any time and anywhere. Trust Flood Restoration has expert technicians who are trained to service both residential and commercial customers.

      2. How quickly should I report sewage damage?

      You should immediately report sewage damage because there are chances of cross contamination to the areas of the premises due to exposure to sewage giving rise to health hazards.

      3. What items can be sterilized?

      Items like upholstery, linen, carpets, clothing, papers, boxes, etc. are few items of everyday use that can be sterilized if they come in contact with the sewage water.

      4. What are the health risks associated with sewage damage?

      Sewage contains a host of bacteria, parasites, and disease-causing viruses. Gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, bronchitis, pneumonia to name a few.

      5. How do I know if my sewer line and drains need to be cleaned?

      Simple signs such as gurgling sounds from toilets, toilets not flushing properly, foul odours coming out of drains, etc. are few signs that the sewer lines need to be cleaned. Book an appointment with Trust Flood Restoration Perth for professional sewage cleaning services in Perth.

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