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      Carpet water extraction should be carried out by experts. It cannot be done with DIY methods owing to the promptness and the existing damage done to the property. Trust Flood Restoration is the best solution to deliver quality results if you need water extraction or carpet water restoration for your property in Perth. Ignoring a serious problem like this which results from flooding, bathtub overflow, leakages from the dishwasher, or malfunctioning washing machines will have serious repercussions. If you are in need of carpet water extraction, you can get in touch with our expert team at Trust Flood Restoration Perth to do the best job. Our emergency services for such exigencies are also on. For immediate assistance for your water extraction and carpet cleaning services, call our team today for an appointment. Call us now on  0480090650. Our technicians specialize in extracting water from carpets in Residential and Commercial areas which require carpet water extraction. They have expertise in water extraction from carpets in lounges, bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, carpets in areas in the offices, reception room, common areas, as well as those in hospitals, clinics, small businesses, etc.

      Benefits of Carpet Water Extraction

      Moisture is responsible for creating all sorts of mould or mildew damage to loading baseboards. We would remove any ounce of moisture from your water damage carpet to guarantee that no moisture damage happens.

      • In event of a flood damaging your carpets and flooring, immediate steps taken by professional cleaners saves your house from more damage. As water is prevented from seeping into walls, corners, and other structures.
      • You also prevent your family and loved ones from being victims to a host of diseases spread due to the floodwater.
      • Contacting a service provider specializing in water extraction and flood restoration in Perth also helps in causing any damage to the valuables in your property.

      Services we offer.

      • Flood and water damage restoration
      • Carpet Stain Cleaning
      • Carpet Steam Cleaning
      • Dry Carpet Cleaning
      • Carpet Stain Cleaning
      • Carpet Steam Cleaning
      • Dry Carpet Cleaning
      • Tile Cleaning
      • Residential Tile and Grout Cleaning
      • Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning
      • Couch Cleaning
      • Leather Cleaning
      • Mattress Cleaning

      Trust Flood Restoration Perth Carpet Cleaning Process

      1) Immediate flood water extraction

      All stagnant water from your rugs, carpets, closets, flooring, bathrooms, etc. is extracted using industrial-grade equipment for water extraction.

      2) Estimation of incurred damage assessment and debris clean up

      Once the technicians finish completing the above process of water extraction, they estimate the level of damage that has been incurred by the property by way of the flood. They notify you of the exact amount. Any remaining debris is cleaned up and the furniture is moved to a safer place to prevent any more damage.

      3) Carpet steam cleaning

      Further, the carpet is steam cleaned from end-to-end. When floodwater comes in contact with sewage water it obviously also comes in contact with contaminants that get lodged inside your carpet. These contaminants in the carpets and flooring need to be promptly handled with disinfectants and sanitizers that contain anti-bacterial chemical agents.

      4) Carpet drying using commercial-grade Air Movers

      After the above 2 procedures, our technicians will make sure the carpets are clean and hygienic. They make use of industrial air movers to fasten the drying process. The drying process is sped up by way of large volumes of air that is blown at high speed over the carpets. If your house has poor ventilation, then we make use of dehumidifiers to help us in catching moisture present in the air swiftly. We also open the windows and switch on the air-conditioning units in the room at the highest temperature.

      5) 2nd carpet steam clean – if required

      Our technicians run a second steam-clean and deodorizing treatment if they deem it necessary. For this, you have to allow passage of 24 hours after the cleaning process and first steam clean of your carpet. That is essential to allow passage of air all over the place and reduce odors that happened due to moisture and dampness to disappear from the furniture and surrounding areas of the house.

      Contact Trust Flood Restoration Perth

      Our carpet water extraction team is hard-working, trusted, and having vast experience in this industry. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us in your time of emergency or inquiry. Visit our website and fill out our inquiry form or call us directly on  0480090650.

      Why Choose Trust Flood Restoration Perth

      Experience – The technicians at Trust Flood Restoration are water extraction specialists in Perth. They have extensive experience in flood water extraction and water-damaged carpet restoration experts.

      SafeTrust Flood Restoration Perth only makes use of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products for deodorization and sanitization of your carpets.

      Affordability – The water extraction and flood clean-up services are priced at the most economic and affordable charges in Australia.

      24/7 AvailabilityTrust Flood Restoration Perth offers a 24/7 emergency service to ensure the safety of our customers and minimizing the damage caused to property, buildings, and carpets used in the houses.

      Best-of-breed Industry Standards – Trust Flood Restoration follows the highest standards laid down by Australian authorities.

      Call Trust Flood Restoration Perth for your emergency carpet cleaning and water extraction today.


      1. How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

      The carpets usually dry in a couple of days depending on the intensity of the flood, room layout, available ventilation, and the fabric and type of carpet. The technicians at Trust Flood Restoration Perth come back the next day again to check the progress of your carpet and if any adjustments are required for fast drying.

      2. Will my carpets need to be removed?

      No, when water extraction is carried out by professional flood clean-up service providers. There isn’t any need to remove the carpets.

      3. Can I conduct water extraction on my own?

      Performing water extraction on your own is not recommended unless your house has the required equipment, and you have appropriate training to do the job. It is still dangerous to extract large volumes of water from your house on your own. Contact Trust Flood Restoration Perth for timely and immediate action. We provide 24-hour emergency carpet water damage repair service and professional support. Book your appointment now!

      4. What happens after the water extraction is done on my property?

      After the water extraction process is done. The technicians sanitize and dry the affected parts of your property completely sanitized, dried, and disinfected. There is a lot of debris also that gets collected due to the flooding that needs to be cleaned. Mould and mildew growth are also checked and then cleaned accordingly.

      5. Will water extraction prevent damage?

      The damage that has happened is irreversible. But the damage can be salvaged by taking quick and immediate action by hiring professional water clean-up experts for the job. The professional clean-up expert will guide you and provide an assessment stating the appliances that are safe to use and the others which ought to be replaced.

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